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Welcome to Tromba Canada, the distributor north of the 49th Parallel for the cutting edge Tromba Ultralight Hybrid Instruments !

These are revolutionary, game changing trumpets, flugelhorns, and trombones, that look, feel, and sound great.  Made with space age abs plastic, with select metal parts, these almost have wings. Played by professionals, Ultralight Hybrids are making a big splash in the brass world.

These horns are crisp and responsive, don't change intonation and pitch in temperature extremes, and are light and easy to hold.

Tromba Ultralight Hybrid instruments are 90% as fantastic as the most expensive brass instruments out there, and cost 90% less! Used with unwavering success by pros as well as students. The light responsive feel is addictive! 

Perfect for all levels of player, from professional on down to student. A great starter horn (cost wise) that plays at pro levels. Ideal for marching bands, especially with the vast array of colours. A great travel horn, and customizable.

You can order directly from this site (delivery included), email tromba@sassabrass.com for pricing, at about $300.00 CAD

Lovin' My Tromba

Rick Baptist takes the Hybrid for a spin

Tromba Ultralight Hybrid Trumpet Demonstrations in Japan Pt 1 and 2

Tromba Ultralight Hybrid in Concert

Tromba Rockin' In The Studio

Tromba Jazzin' In the Studio

Tromba in the Big Band

Tromba in the Sanctuary

Tromba Playin' the Blues

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Gabriel Mark Hasselbach